Developer Services

Developer Services

SVN | Strata stands as a reputable and seasoned company specialising in the meticulous management of strata properties. With a rich history of overseeing a diverse array of strata-titled buildings, we’ve cultivated invaluable expertise that positions us as reliable advisors for developers embarking on new strata complexes.

Our adept team and abundant resources ensure a seamless transition for residents during the relocation process, fostering a socially sustainable community that appeals to potential buyers. Whether the project is residential, office, medical, or retail, including taverns, we possess the proficiency to handle endeavours of any scale, ranging from 3 lots to 500 lots.

In the ever-evolving legal landscape, it’s imperative for developers to collaborate with a professional and dependable strata management company. Our commitment lies in delivering efficient and effective strata management services that align with all legal requisites. Recognising the significance of early engagement, we extend our expertise before and during the initial phases of development.

For recently registered residential, commercial, community, or mixed-use schemes, we offer invaluable counsel throughout the development stage. Our services, customisable to your specific needs, encompass aiding in the structuring of common property, drafting By-Laws for the complex, liaising with solicitors and surveyors, crafting management statements for community associations, formulating, and overseeing the financial budget, arranging insurance coverage, and coordinating the inaugural Annual General Meeting.

Regrettably, many property developers underestimate the importance and advantages of involving a professional strata management company early in the process. By aligning with us from inception, we gain an intimate understanding of the property, enabling us to contribute significant value to the developer’s operations and objectives.

At SVN | Strata, we extend tailored professional strata management services designed specifically for property developers. We stress the pivotal nature of developers comprehending the benefits of early engagement with a strata management service provider. To elucidate the significance of this partnership, here are five key points to consider.

When a property developer enlists SVN | Strata for strata management services, our foremost priority is comprehending both the intricacies of the property and the expectations of the developer. Through initial meetings, we meticulously gather comprehensive information, aiming to act in the developer’s best interest and optimise their investment.
In these meetings, we delve into various aspects, including but not limited to common services and amenities, considerations for multiple strata companies, guidance on strata plans, the structuring of common property, lot boundaries, exclusive use areas, the building manager, the developer’s requirements and expectations, and coordination with their legal and advisory team.
Our objective is to forge a robust partnership with the property developer, enhancing their capabilities with our exceptional strata management services. Following these meetings, we diligently prepare a proposal for the developer’s thoughtful consideration.

Upon the developer’s engagement, we cultivate a close working relationship with the property development team. This involves a meticulous analysis of the property’s features, budget considerations, and maintenance plans. Leveraging our extensive experience in servicing numerous property developments post-completion, we bring forth valuable insights for property developers. Our understanding extends to residents’ preferences, building performance nuances, and the elements that constitute an effective and appropriate budget and maintenance plan.

Before the sales team initiates lot sales, we actively contribute to identifying cost-saving strategies that elevate the appeal of the budget and maintenance plan. This proactive approach ultimately influences the amount owners contribute to the owners’ corporation fund, enhancing overall satisfaction.

SVN | Strata excels in the realm of legal and regulatory affairs pertaining to property development. Our specialised expertise empowers property developers to meet their obligations and seamlessly navigate intricate processes. The scope of our services spans but is not limited to aiding in the creation of by-laws/rules, overseeing day-to-day operations, furnishing timely updates on legal and regulatory matters, providing counsel on repair and maintenance responsibilities, engaging with stakeholders, conducting inspections, and securely storing crucial documentation.

Property developers can place their trust in us to safeguard compliance and facilitate the successful progression of their development projects.

Drawing on our team’s extensive experience in property development, we recognise the pivotal role of adeptly managing all stakeholders throughout the process. Acting as a central point of contact for the property development team, we ensure seamless and consistent communication with all involved parties, encompassing advisors, local councils, surveyors, technical advisors, and the community at large.

Our seasoned strata management team is well-equipped to efficiently handle day-to-day affairs, providing you the freedom to concentrate on other crucial aspects of your property development project. With our expertise, you can trust that communications will be not only timely but also highly effective, fostering a collaborative and informed environment for all stakeholders involved.

Recognising the critical importance of establishing a strata company that resonates with owners, ensures sustainability, and operates seamlessly, we leverage our experience to assist property developers in finding the optimal balance between control and empowering owners with a voice. Our comprehensive services encompass various crucial aspects of the process, including setting up trust accounts, orchestrating meetings, managing financial accounts, dispatching communications and welcome packs to residents, collaborating with real estate agents and property managers, bolstering investor confidence, addressing inquiries and disputes, facilitating settlements, participating in onsite inspections, and coordinating with all relevant stakeholders.

Our commitment is to facilitate a smooth and welcoming experience for residents while ensuring the operational efficiency and long-term viability of the strata company.

Don’t underestimate the significance of involving a strata management company early on in your project. Contact us today on (08) 9427 7955 to learn more about how we can assist you in achieving success.


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