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Commitment to Culture and Community

Our Core Covenants are the guiding principles that drive everything we do at SVN. Our group’s commitment to giving back to the community, reflects not only the company’s core values but the generosity of our Directors. We prioritise giving back to the community by organising events like morning teas and sponsoring events to raise funds for important causes.

It is our belief that we have a responsibility to make a positive impact on the communities around us and strive to support causes that are important to our team. The SVN Core Covenants emphasise the importance to create value, proactively cooperate, be respectful and supportive, and focus on the positive and possible, among other principles. To read more about the SVN culture and covenants, click here.

Recently our office, for the fourth year in a row, hosted the Cancer Council’s Biggest Morning Tea to raise funds for vital cancer research and support services. A credit to our team who willingly get involved every year to make it such a success, by bringing in a plate of food for a ‘bake-off’ competition, on top of generously donating to the cause.


Earlier in the year SVN | Perth raised funds for the Australian Autism and ADHD Foundation, through a morning tea event in our office, where the team wore their favourite sports team memorabilia. SVN | Perth is very lucky to have such a generous and supportive team.


Our community involvement also extends to supporting organisations and sponsoring external fundraising events. This year, SVN | Perth has sponsored the 2024 DSWA Gala Dinner, helping raise awareness and funds for Down Syndrome WA, and also made a donation towards The Children’s Christmas Party that will be held later in the year, a celebration for children battling serious illnesses or disabilities.

Furthermore, with both Directors actively involved in Trinity College, and one of them serving as a committee member of TOBA, we recently sponsored an event to raise funds for the school’s old boy’s scholarship program.

We also extended our support to the South of Perth Yacht Club’s Cruising Butterflies, bringing joy to families with health affected children at the Perth Children’s Hospital. Not only sponsoring the event, but our Director generously donated his time, taking guests out on the water on the day. For photos from the event please click here.


Through these initiatives, we strive to embody our values of community support and making a positive impact in the lives of others. By actively engaging with our community and extending our support to charitable organisations, we aspire to inspire others to follow suit. Together, we can make a real difference and create a world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.


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